Which Pretty Rhythm Character are You?

who do you think you are from the three pretty rhythm season. lets find out. we are only doing.

published on April 27, 2014762 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

what do you want to do

a. prism jumps duh
b. eat bananas
c. hang out with friends

what do you like?

a. fashion
b. dancing

what do you know?

a. a bussiness
b. my brother married rhythm
c. I don't get it

what do you hate

a. fashion
b. callings
c. embarasssment

which is your type of style?

A. pop

Which is better prism stone or dear crown?

prism stone
dear crown

what kind of food do you like?

a. meat!
b. cakes
c. lollipop