Which one of my weirdest dreams are YOU most likely to have?

I have had a lot of weird dreams and after waking up the next morning I have excitedly written them down on a sheet of paper. Which one of my weirdest dreams (that I remember) are YOU most likely to have?

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What are you the most afraid of?

Minions (From Despicable Me)
Sexy Guys ;)
Evil Knives
Leaves and/or the outdoors

How do you get around?

Through gleaming red walls
Up Staircases
Through holes
In and out doors

If you ever get kidnapped, which seems like the most appealing situation?

Tied to a pole
Being covered by hot guys
Trapped in a fishermans net
Overwhelmed by sadness and depression, unable to stand yourself, not wanting to even move even considering suicide
Bound by a large piece of rope which is slowy and painfully cutting into your flesh
Having your every move watched by a cute fluffy Golden Retriever puppy who is actually evil and whos eyes gleam red

What type of dreams do you usually have?

Dreams that are caused by movies you have watched
Messed up dreams that could never happen
Dreams that take place in malls
Scary or sad dreams that show how truly messed up your life is
Sad dreams that end with somewhat happy endings
Happy dreams that end with a tragic death
Dreams that tell you about the possible future
Weird dreams about your best friends siblings
Dreams about hot guys dueling over your heart

What colour do you see most often?

Rainbow (as in all colours equally)
Red (as in shiny)
Red (as in, the colour of blood)

What kind of friends do you have? (Pick which best describes your friendships)

Friends who would die tragically for you
Friends that like going to malls
No friends everyone wants to be your friend because you're beautiful but you'd prefer to have boys fawn over JUST you not you and five other people
Friends who boys think are somewhat ugly but you think are beautiful, inside and out and you will beat up anyone that tells them otherwise
Friends who love going over to your house but never do

Which type of places do you go most often?

Outside you like forests and oceans the best
Busy places with lots of clothes people and boys
At home you like to be alone with your pets
School school and more school you're there all the time and never leave the house to go anywhere else

What will you do when you finish this? You're going to... (Fill in the blanks)

Snuggle in bed with your puppy
Leave with your friends and your mom to the mall
Read a book about hot pirates