What song describes your life? (1)

Take this quiz to find out!! I always follow back, and it's always nice to have a little musical experience so, I added links. I don't know if they will work, and if they don't you can just search the song up and listen for yourself. :)

published on April 19, 201464 responses 9
What song describes your life? (1)
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What are you planning to do today?

I'm not sure...I've already done alot
Hang with my best friend(s)
NOT cry my heart out
Probably listen to my favorite song over and over

If you had to choose a nickname, what would you choose?

BFF (simple, big meaning)
Miss Confident

What's your favorite color?

It just has to be BRIGHT!
Rainbow :)
Hmm...I can never decide
I always stick with that one color... (your favorite color)

What's your favorite song genre? (this affects result as well)

Kind of bluesy rockish
Soul mixed with R&B
Full pop!!

Are you my follower?

Yes. and I wish I could keep following you!!
Yup dee do!
No...if I do follow will you follow me back? (Me: YEA!)
No...probably won't ever follow you....