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your sitting on the couch watching tv when you spot someone shoveling their drive way after the snowstorm the day before. what do you do.

don't do it. the couch is comfy and my favorite show is on
you walk out and willing to help
you ask if they need help in any way
dont do it. you have to shovel your own drive way later
what if they dont want my help? are they nice?

you see some one carrying groceries to their house. they look really heavy. what do you do?

help out. they would respect it
dont help. they can do it on their own
wonder if you should ask if they need help
ask if he needs help willing to help if the answer is yes
dont help. the house is so far away

you recently got a new baby brother and you and your mom went shopping for baby stuff. theres a lot of stuff.

carry baby stuff to cart
mom will carry the stuff
sure i'll carry the stuff
uuuggh do we have buy him stuff?
wow that looks heavy

your mom asks you to bring the dishes to the sink

sure will!
well its the right thing to do
but the sink is soooo far away
just walk away
i really dont want to but shes my mom?

your baby sister drops her favorite toy on the floor and then she starts crying

fine ill do it just to shut her up
go get her toy and give it to her
do it and while im at it why dont i make her some milk?
mmmmoooomm susie wants her toy!
its so loud! should i give it to her? or stay here where it's quieter?

your room is a complete mess

pick up your stuff and put it away.
why shouldn't i do it? mom would like it. i'll do it!
eh, mom will clean it up
so its messy. who cares?
it looks like a lot of work, but it's the right thing to do. should i clean it?