What Shaytard Are You? (1)

What Shaytard Are You? (1)

Pull out that little chunk of Shaytard in you and find out who it is with this quiz?

published on April 19, 201412 responses 0

What is your ideal Friday night?

Editing and uploading videos.
Cooking and talking.
Playing soccer.
Making rainbow loom bracelets.
Beating up my dad.
Running in circles around the coffee table.
Nap. Just nap.

What would you do at a party?

Talk with family.
Keep on piling the foods I made on the snack table.
Dancing and having fun.
Showing off my rainbow loom bracelets.
Eating all the candy I can see.
Screaming to the DJ to put on The Socks Song.
Sitting around with all the ladies adoring me.

If you got invited to a rainbow loom party, what would you say?

Sorry, I have editing to do.
I have Scout business to do!
I can't find my rainbow loom.
What's that?
Does it look like I'm able to go?

If you are invited to go camping, what would you say?

More editing to do!
I have to take care of my kids!
Sure! Hang on, I have to pack my bag!
(Just stare at the person blankly.)
I gotta pee!!!!
Um.... No. Not gonna happen.

If your dog woke you up in the middle of the night, what would you do?

Stop it, Grover!
Go back to bed!
Cut it out!
(Stay sound asleep.)

How would you react to the movie Les Miserable?

That was really good!
Good thing my kids didn't see this!
Too much guns.
Too plain.
Was I supposed to like that?