What Unova Last evolution starter are you?

Find out which Unova last evolution starter you are. Remember, to get accurate results, pick accurate answers ^_^!

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What do your friends think of you?

They think I am kind
They think I am brave
They think I am intelligent
They think I am strong
They think I am attractive
Heh... who needs friends when you have TV!

What types of friends do you have?

I have few friends, but I love them very much!
A TON! Every week I hang with a different friend!
An average amount I guess. They are the best friends i could ask for!
Every week we hang out and post pictures to instagram! Love them ;)
All I have is my bf/gf. I love them so much though!
Me and my friend group do activities every weekend!
I have like one or two close friends!

Are you a boy or are you a girl?

I am girl, but I am more of a tomboy!
I am a girl, not much of a girly girl but definitely not a tomboy.
I am a girl, the girliest girl there is!
I am a human being, nothing more.
I am a boy, although I feel I belong with girls...
I am a boy, probably not too manly and definitely not more on the girlyboy side...
I am a MAN! Strong and powerful!

What would you do if you saw an injured baby rabbit across the street?

Ignore it, it'll be roadkill tomorrow...
Call the vet!
Nurse it back to health, I'll handle it myself.
Raise it until it heals and then let it go.
Feed it to your cat...
Put bandages on it's injuries!

What would you do if you witnessed a car crash in front of you?

Get out of the car to help the people!
See if they're injured!
Ignore them...
Get out the first aid kit in your car and generously give it to them!
Start a fight with the one who caused the accident!
Ask if they would like to use your phone to call someone!

Choose your fate!


What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is black!
My favorite color is pink!
My favorite color is blue!
My favorite color is green!
My favorite color is purple!
My favorite color is red!
My favorite color is yellow!
My favorite color is orange!
My favorite color is teal!
My favorite color is silver!
My favorite color is gold!
My favorite color is white!
I like all colors!

What is your favorite season?

Spring all the way!
I would have to go with Summer!
Fall is probably my favorite!
Winter, of course!

What is your favorite music genre?

Pop music, what ever's on the radio!
Rock N' Roll all the way!
Heavy Metal!!
Hard rock, duh!
Dubstep I guess!
Hip Hop, I want to DANCE!
Rap music. I can't resist!
Classic Rock, baby!!
I like everything to be honest...