What Creature Would You Be In Another World?

What Creature Would You Be In Another World?

You have been placed into a world of werewolves, vampires, sirens, elves, and so on. What creature does your personality change you into? How evil or good can you be?

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Which are you most like?

Friendly, outspoken, adventurous
Fierce, loud, ready for a fight
Free, majestic, open-minded
Destructive, misunderstood, alone
Nice, noble, respectful
Protective, strong, loyal
Quiet, fast, deceiving

Which one of these activities is your favorite?

Helping around the house (cooking or cleaning)
Having a bonfire
Working out
Being free to do whatever you desire
Running through the woods
Picking a fight

You are being bullied at school. Which option do you choose to engage?

Claw their eyes out and show your alpha side
Get revenge after school by letting them see how much they do not bug you
Beat the shit out of them
Surprise attack after school
Hit them with nearest object
Fight them in a dark alley
Hit them with a burning bat

Your friend is getting in a fight and needs your help. What would you do?

Set the opponent on fire
Get on top of the opponent and beat them up
Sit in the corner and sing (do not wanna get bloody)
Do nothing have no friends
Use anything around you as a weapon
Join the fight
Surprise attack

What is your favorite color?

Red or orange
Pink, blue, yellow, red, purple (I love them!!)
Light colors (lime green, light blue, neon pink)
Dark red or black
Brown, grey, white, black

Your teacher has gave you a assignment to say one word about your self. Which would you chose?


How would you describe your appearance?

Who cares. I have power that is all
Drop dead gorgeous
Ok..i am fine with who I am
Just the right about of cute
Cute as a fuzzy teddy bear
Just hot enough to get what I want

How do you like spending time with your friends/family?

Talking around a fire
Gambling or card games
Singing songs
Running at the park
Playing outside
What family/friends? I am a loner
Climbing trees

How would you die?

Stack throw the heart by the one you love
Being captured by so called friends
Dying from being captured by hunters
Losing in a fight
Getting destroyed by people you trust
Dying in war
Trying to protect the pack

How did you enjoy this? (this question does go with personality not just to see if you enjoyed it)

It was fun
Needs work
I enjoyed it
It sucks
Who cares
Keep making more