aptitude test (2)

from the movie divergent hope you enjoy this awesome test it will tell you what faction you belong in!

published on April 19, 201440 responses 0 3.2★ / 5

you are in a tank of water and it is filling up what do you do

take of an article of clothing and stuff it in the tube inserting water
think of a logical way to get out
tell your self the truth: you are going to die
think that at least this is you and not someone else
try not to freak out and calm down because then you can get out
drown because it isn't real

which serum do you like better

truth serum
fear serum
memory serum
death serum
peace serum

someone tells you to shoot your family what do you do

kill 'em faction before blood
do it because it is a order
try to establish peace with that person so you do not have to kill them
shoot your self so they don't have to die
kill them because it is not real
do it because that's what they honestly want

you woke up and there is a table with the following objects what object do you choose


which element would you choose

hot coal
shards of glass