What Toontown the animated series character are you?

What Toontown the animated series character are you?

Like Toontown the animated series? Like the characters? Well lets see if your like one of them!

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Hello there! So here's your first question; Which number do you prefer?

You keep it a secret

Alright, Alright. So what kind of colors do you like?

Around blue or Blue
Dull colors, not a huge fan of bright colors
Around green or green
Around a Tan color or tan
Purple or around purple

Huh, ok.. Which of these are more like you?

Mildly Aggressive, Friendly, and Polite.
Timid, Mildly Aggressive, Compassionate, and Leadership.
Very Aggressive, Charming, Decisive, Debonair, Earnest, Dictating
Friendly, Compassionate, Loving, and Polite.
Aggressive, Persistent, Serious.
Aggressive, get-the-job-done, serious, humorous

If you had to pick a power/weapon from this list... What would it be?

A blade that has the powers of Water, Storm and Electricity
Electricity and dark magic
None of these
A power no one should know
Toon Power

What siblings to do you have?

Brother and sister
Kept a secret (Me: My are you a mysterious one!)
Tons of brothers

What role would you want?

Force Agent Section 005
A Boss
Board Member of a famous group
An Elemental
Force Agent

What would be your back-story?

You were born on the date of August 22, 1996. You lived on a farm with your sister, mother and father. You moved out the
country to discover more opportunities in life. Downtown was gonna be your new home after you heard many great fortunes
of success from the magnificent city until the evil came along. You and a group of other people start a group clan.
Your back-story wasn't that great. All you remember is waking up in a room facing your boss as he told you to go build his
empire. You were a second in command person.
Born outside the Earth, somewhere in the Universe. You were born on December 31st, 1900 in the time of a lunar eclipse.
Since you were some type of elemental toon, you were trained hard to protect his powers. Your brother named "Alphinore"
was your right hand guide till Alphinore left the family to follow his own goals. Your family fled but sprouted to different worlds
of the Universe. You willingly went to Earth, where you began a new life. Entering Earth wasn't easy as your true self was
feared among others because of a dark past. Someone from the Force, helped you in changing your name and giving you a
new identity to live among the humans. You were given an invisible necklace, when activated would turn red and sedate your
true form.
You were born on, June 14th. You are an elemental toon so your learning and work curve is different than many people. You
have the Blade of Poseidon and use it to enhance your powers of water and storm.
Again you keep it a secret
Some people will remember your backstory, but they will remember your death of bravery. Never gave up for the boss and died trying.

You have a group of friends, they all have different talents! Which one would you choose as your BFF?

A back-up helper
An animator
A livestreamer
An amazing artist
A gamer

Great or not so great quiz?

It was fine..
It was O.K
Pfft, i just did this because I'm bored, i would careless!
Do 50 push-ups! (Me: But.. Why..?) NOW (Me: Ok ; ; )