Which Country Is Right For You?

This quiz is about where the best place is great for you and meant fro you to have a great vacation.

published on April 16, 201438 responses 9 5.0★ / 5

What type of weather do you like?

A. Sunny
B. Windy
A. Fall
B. Spring

What type of animals do you like?

A. snake
B. Bengal tiger
C. kangaroo
A. Poodle
B. huskie
C. camel

What is your favorite country?

A. Brazil
B. America
C. I don't know
A. France
B. Japan
C. Canada

What type of place do you prefer?

A. Relaxing
B. Fun
C. Partyy
A. Princess like
B. Dreamy
C. Mannerful
D. Deliteful

what type of person are you?

A. pop
B. Sassy
C. cool
d. Fashion
A. lovely
B. cute
C. Ethnic
d. star