What Kind of person are you (5)

What kind of Person are you let's see just a few questions and that's all.

published on April 15, 201416 responses 2
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I spend time with my family

Cause I have to
Cause it love them
Cause they are here for me
Cause I can steel stuff when I'm at their house

Why do I want to know what personality I have

Cause I'm curious
Cause I'm bored
I just want to know why do u care!
Cause I would really love to know

If I could live any where I would live

On the beach in a beautiful beach home
In a palace
Some where over the rainbow
In a mansion where I'm the king and my slaves serve me hand and foot

Do you like to be by your self

No that's sounds horrible
I don't know now shut up would you
I have better things to do then this stupid quiz
Idk it's depends
Are you really asking me this

What if your favorite color

Pink with spots or blue with stripes
A blue the color of the ocean with a shimmer