Which Silver Linings Playbook Character are You?

Take this quiz to figure out which character from silver linings playbook you are most like.

published on April 15, 201419 responses 0

When hanging out with friends...y'all are most likely to...

Make something creative
Stay home and watch some TV
Go out and Dance
Go out to a sports bar and meet new people

When choosing outfits for yourself...you're most likely to go with something...

To support you're favorite sports team
A little more outrageous
Something to compliment yourself

If you could pick any of the following jobs which would it be?

An gossip columnist
A professional tester for products
A Con Man
Just a happy-go-lucky person w/o a career

If your best friend is getting insulted you...

Kill them (the insulter) with kindness
Insult the insulter
Yell at the insulter
Get a little aggressive with the insulter

You're reason for loving Christmas is...

Being with the people you love
Giving gifts to show your appreciation
Receiving gifts from people
Enjoying all the holiday buzz

When having a day off you like to...

Go for a run
Cook family recipes
Watch a sports game

If you're throwing a party the most important thing to you is...

Great Music
A good sports game playing on the TV
Great Food
All your friends are having a great time