What mood are you in? (1)

What mood are you in? (1)

Take this quiz to find out what mood you are in... happy, sad, jumpy, mad? I hope you like this quiz.

published on April 15, 201451 responses 16 4.2★ / 5

pick a smiley


pick a color

deep red
bright yellow!!!
umm green?

what mood do you feel like you're in?

Happy! for sure
umm I dunno
'sniff' very sad

what's your favorite thing to do?

sing and dance and jump jump jump
sing songs with friends
scream at people!
hmm lots of things
right now I want to cry

What are you thinking?

candy, rainbows, unicorns
i want yo punch somebody
happy thoughts... sun shining, birds chirping
black birds, masked people
many many things hmm...

what's your favorite kind of book?

fairy tales
true sad stories
peter rabbit?