what type of RARE mermaid are you?

I know lots of qfeasters have made the quiz " What Mermaid Are You?" , but this quiz tells you what RARE mermaid you are. So I'm actually NOT copying.

published on April 15, 201463 responses 11 4.5★ / 5

What would your hair color be?

Dark purple, dark orange, or light blue.
Red, green, or white.
Royal blue, silver, or scarlet.

Wish a fish to summon.

Flying fish
Rainbow fish! Me: I'm not even sure that's even real.
Hmm... sea horse!! :D


Wha... huh? What were you saying?
I can be a teeny bit bossy sometimes.
Funny! Or at least trying sometimes.
Can I go back to daydreaming now... Me: we aren't done the quiz yet!

Tail color?

Red or pink, can't decide!

Last one! I say bye, how do you most likely respond?

Umm... bye!