Awesome, when will u get ur period quiz!

Awesome, when will u get ur period quiz!

I read lots of period questions, and toke many quizzes. So I know lots about this. Very accurate. Sorry if ur answer is not accurate!

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How old are you?

8 or younger
15 or older

Do you have leg hair?

Like a tennage boys'
little blonde hairs
good its' manageble
brownish- golden wisps
blackish- brown hairs

Do you have pubic hair?

some its not much
Yeah!! Its a forest
A little amount straight

Do you experiance
-cramps (in that * area)
- food carvings
- tender breasts

all of the above and more!!!!
nope, none

If u have discharge for how long?

6 months or more
I don't have any.
little amount
good amount

Do u have discharge?

Yes, loads
Nah, none
Yep, some

do you wear a bra? what size?

training bra

Do you have underarm hairs?

nope bald
a forest

how long have u been in puberty?

short while
a while