are you happy (1)

are you happy (1)

this quiz is to see what mood your in at the time in the day,for you to see if you need to brighten your day

published on April 14, 201426 responses 0
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did some thing bad happen to you today

no i feel awesome i got really good news?
yes my best friend hates me
all of the above
no its the same thing just like yesterday

are you tired?

nope i am wide awake
yes i am so tired i feel like a zombie
i am awake but its geting late
in the middle of tired and awake

do you have any siblings?

yes i have 1 to 4 older siblings there so annoying
yes 1 to 4 younger siblings there so cute
yes 1 to 4 their nice but some times they can be annoying
no but i like it that way

are you going any where this year?

no my parents wont let me go any where?
yes where going to an exotic place on the other side of the world
we might be going some where but i dont know
yes but its still in this country

do you have your own room

yes and i love it
no i share one with my younger sister/brother
yes but its kind of small
yes but its a bit big