Who will you be most like when you grow up?

The questions and personalities inside are very accurate, I hope. Thank you for taking this wonderful quiz and i hope the personality is close to what you will actually be like!

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Who will you be most like when you grow up?
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Everybody is looking at you! It is probably because of this reason:

Everybody is looking at you! It is probably because of this reason:
My beauty. I was born beautiful and lots of people look at me. I suppose that is the reason they must be staring at me.
Because I have a brilliant smile that lights up any room! It makes people's days. That must be why their eyes are glued to me.
Because I am laughing. Me and my friend are laughing about my daughter. That must be the reason, right?
Because of the outfit I am wearing today. It has lots of bright colors. That is probably why. My colorful tank tops and jeans are always colorful.

You have a child! What do you hope most about him/her or them?

That they grow to be kind and well-educated, and pursue their dreams. They marry a man/women they love, and live happily ever after, like in fairy tales.
I hope that they listen to the people who tell them that they CAN, and not listen to the people who tell them they CAN'T.
I hope they learn all the good quotes, and know life isn't a game with any prize. Life is more like a movie, and you are the star. Make the most of it.
I hope they learn to be beautiful inside and out, so they can be kind and pretty. VERY kind. And pretty.

Do you think Selena is better without Justin? (Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber)

No, I think that Justin Beiber was an excellent boyfriend for Gomez. I still think that Justin is such a darling! Also a gentlemen.
I'm not the one to be involved with celebrity relationship problems or anything related to that. I sail through life and don't think about Selena or Justin anytime now.
I'm not actually sure. It all depends on what Selena thinks. I think this is a useless question. So please please go on!
I think that Selena is way better without Justin.

It is a Saturday morning and you-

Are reading the newspaper on the couch while my spouse watches football over coffee behind me.
Doing yoga to meditate my body, with candles and little tea cups. I'd also want to read my tea leaf.
I'd probably be working out and eating healthy foods to keep healthy. It's what I put my work into!
Go get my nails done. Perhaps with my kids. I don't really know. I'd probably bring InStyle or Vogue with me.

What shoes do you wear to a meeting?

What shoes do you wear to a meeting?
Probably delicate ballet flats. Mine are very pretty to show off at a meeting. Plus, my boss complimented them. So, probably ballet flats.
Black leather boots. That aren't huge distractions and the insides of them are all fuzz, so you can really feel comfortable in my black leather boots.
Big sneakers! I don't care if they aren't sophisticated. I don't want to kill my feet or anything. And really. I'm a tomboy!
Pumps. That is usually what I wear to meetings. And perfume. Lots of perfume. I want to make a good impression on my boss...