What Faction would I be in?

Many people have read the book Divergent. Lots of these people would like to know what faction they would be in. Take this quiz to find out.

published on April 13, 201419 responses 4
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You have been robbed of your favorite possession. What was it?

My gun? I will beat up that stealer!
My family was kidnapped?!
To be honest it was my blanket from when I was a kid.
It's okay. He probably needed it more than I did.
I call the police. It was a locket my mom gave me! In the mean time I try to catch him.
What do I know about emergencies? I read a book about policemen.

You get to pick one thing to take to a deserted island. You pick...

a garden with seeds already planted
I bring my parents. What. That is two things.
a weapon. Maybe a knife or a gun.
My favorite book! But which is my favorite? Oh, this is hard.
I need my blanket!
I pick nothing.

What do you value most?

Selflessness, but it isn't about what I like.
Bravery Rules!!!
Peacefulness. I don't like conflict.

What is your opinion on sarcasm?

Sarcasm is self indulgent.
It's normally at someones expense.
It is sometimes a cover up for a dishonest answer.
I love it! I use it all the time.
Sarcasm is using the opposite meaning of a word.
It's okay if used correctly.

What club are you in at school?

Debate team
Soccer, lacrosse, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball. Sports teams.
Math club, Book club, science fair, tutoring.
sports team, band or choir, and one other thing
Clubs don't serve a purpose. They are self indulgent.
Band or choir and art club.