Which Egyptian God Are You?

Please answer the following questions to see which Egyptian god you are.

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Which animal do you like best?

neither unless they are dead

Which is your favorite type of video game to play?

anything bloody and gory

Which group of jobs seem most interesting?

mortician, coroner, homicide investigator, judge
CIA, FBI, armed forces, police officer
author, engineer, CEO, doctor, lawyer, architect

Which sounds like the most fun?

have an air soft or Nerf war
watch 1000 Ways to Die
read a book or do some writing

What would you do if your best friend was being bullied?

Plan a time for the bully, my friend, and me to meet and discuss the problem.
Teach my friend how to fight and then we’ll jump the bully together.
Who cares? Life stinks; then you die.

Which statement is most true about you?

I do my homework, but I'd rather be having fun outside.
I wish I could burn my homework.
I always do my homework because it makes me smarter, and it prepares me for the future.

Which statement is most true of your room?

It looks like a bomb went off in my room.
My room is neat and orderly.
My room is only used for sleeping. It is always dark.

Which best describes you?

quiet and gloomy
wild child!

Which describes your appetite?

I am always hungry; I’ll eat anything, but I prefer red meat.
I love bananas!
I'll eat anything dead.

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