how much do you love your horse?

how much do you love your horse?

How much do you love your horse? Pro find out how much you love you're horse do this quiz.

published on April 13, 20148 responses 1
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Do you own a horse.

Yes I love it and I would die if anything
happened to it.
Yes, who cares they are the worst animal living.
No but I really want one.

How often do you visit your horse.

Every day
Once a week if lucky
I would visit it every day if I had one

Do you use spurs.

No I wouldn't want to hurt it
Yes who cares
No I would never

What would you do if on the day of a sleepover you're horse had colic

Who cares about the sleep over I'm staying with the horse
The vet can take care of that you probably don't even need a vet

Do you love you're horse

Yes I would feel sick if I did anything wrong