Which Warriors cat are you?

Which Warriors cat are you?

Find out your Warriors cat name! Good luck!( Don't forget to rate it!)

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If you were a Dark Forest cat, what would you do there?

Train to become a leader!
Do the best for what I think is right for me, and my Clan!
See if there was any kits to look after!

Would you want to have kits?

I guess so!

What is your favorite color?

Blue, pink, green, or yellow
Golden, orange, or purple
I don't care

If you were deputy, what would be your favorite part?

Becoming leader after!
Serving my Clan the best that I could!

Which warriors cat is your favorite?

Tigerstar or Hawkfrost
Redtail or Firestar

Would you like to be the leader of your clan?

I'd do anything to keep my Clan strong!