Which Warriors cat are you?

Which Warriors cat are you?

Find out your Warriors cat name! Good luck!( Don't forget to rate it!)

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Would you want to have kits?

I guess so!

Would you like to be the leader of your clan?

I'd do anything to keep my Clan strong!

If you were a Dark Forest cat, what would you do there?

Train to become a leader!
Do the best for what I think is right for me, and my Clan!
See if there was any kits to look after!

What is your favorite color?

Blue, pink, green, or yellow
Golden, orange, or purple
I don't care

If you were deputy, what would be your favorite part?

Becoming leader after!
Serving my Clan the best that I could!

Which warriors cat is your favorite?

Tigerstar or Hawkfrost
Redtail or Firestar