which portal robot are you

hi I don't know what to say I still have to write boo I like fish I no

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what would you do if someone went and talked rude to you?

do nothing and walk away
fight the heck out of her
or you will say: if you do it to me again I will punch you

if you had anywhere you will go where will it be?

go to space and do nothing
go to this chamber that will kill you
or go to a land that you do not know where you are

what will you rather do?

be crazy and go to space
be a potato and be in a birds nest
or test with portals and almost get killed

would you?

kiss a boy
tweark in public
or be lonely forever

what is like you?

be crazy and annoy people and go to space
get a diseas and get put in a machine
test for your life and sleep in a bed for 50 years