Your creepypasta life part two

Your creepypasta life part two

So, if you haven't taken part 1, do that but remember, the one that you would be looking for is the one that says "GIRLS ONLY!!)" the reason why will be noted on the description.

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So the last time, you passed out with a bag over your head.


You wake up to two people talking. "You could've been killed out there ____"


After that, all you hear is stomping and a door shut. What's going through your mind?

W-who was t-that person who p-p-put the b-bag over my h-h-head?
Oh know, where's my 3Ds?!
Is my knife still in my pocket?
Do I still have leftover kidneys in the freezer?
Man, that was a good movie I just hope that guy didn't take any of my candy.

You open your eyes and slowly get up. You were laying in a bed in a big room

Well duh what are you going to do, throw me outside (Jeff: I like this girl)
Well duh, is this some kind of game? (BEN: This is AWESOME!!!)
W-well d-duh. (Masky: I-I think
Well duh
Ha ha ah well duh where else would I be?

You slowly get up thinking no one is in the room until you see a guy. What did he look like?

Link, except with no eyes
Black and white
Black with a blue mask on and the eye holes dripping black stuff
Wearing a grey hoodie and had a constant smile
Wearing a white mask