Which Noitrem character are youuuu?

Which Noitrem character are youuuu?

Quiz for a roleplay I host on Gaiaonline. The actors work as our face claims for each character.

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It's time to pass the bottle 'round. You're:

Able to handle your alcohol fairly well, but get rather silly and perhaps even flirty with too much drink.

An emotional drunk. You turn into a self-conscious mess.

Wonderful at this drinking thing. Alcohol is your friend.
Can't handle your liquor to save your life.

A brawler. Can get a bit aggressive.

Your relationship with your family is:

You tend to avoid them.

Distant. But you love them. Probably more than they could understand.

You spend time with them whenever you can. You cherish every moment that you share.

You don't need family. "Family" is for weak people. All you need is yourself.

Your social life is:

Pretty decent. Don't have any super close friends, but people around that you enjoy.

You don't have "friends". But you do have company. Mostly because you have power over them.

Friends? Ha. You typically only have one real close friend, who you cherish and would do anything for.

Most people find you:

Friendly, but not very interesting.

Overly friendly and forgiving.

Really. Really. Annoying.

Not quite friendly, but not unfriendly. Aloof.
Creepily friendly. Too friendly. Are you going to fatten them up or something?

Friendly, and usually very curious.

Someone comes at you with a knife. You:

Are slightly delayed, but do whatever is necessary to protect yourself or your loved ones.

Snicker and invite the challenge.

Immediately snap into reaction, refraining from killing them as you don't believe in that when it's not

Slaughter them. In whatever way seems the most fun.

Shriek and plunge into the heat of it without much concern for yourself, so long as you stop them.

You wouldn't even have to do anything. Your bodyguards would handle it.

Deflect them, and find a way to scare the crap out of them. Use this fear to try to find out why they came
at you with a knife in the first place, and who they were sent from.

A child is lost and sobbing in the street. You:

Kneel down to ask them questions, and try to help them find their family.

Ignore them, and walk on. Their loss will strengthen their character, and make them a more capable

Well, this is awkward. You tend to scare children, but would really like to help.

Yummy, a child.