Which g3 pony are you

Which g3 pony are you

Find out which g3 pony from mlp you are from the core 7. I don't even like the show, just the ponies and their talents and personalities!

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What would you rather do in your spare time?

Ride my scooter or play sports
Play with my hair or write a story
Paint or draw
Bake treats
Play dress-up or choose new outfits
Plan a party or play games
Sing and dance

What is your favorite color

Orange and purple
Mostly Purple and pink
Orange, red and pink
Purple and pink
All of them
Light purple and pink

Out of your group, what of these are you

The sporty one or tomboy
The smart one
The creative one
The cute one
The fashionista
The hyper one
The singer

Pick one

A paintbrush
A heart
A rainbow
A star

There is going to be a birthday party in town, what do you do to help?

Ride around town delivering invitations
Help the birthday girl with her hair
Decorate the cake
Bake a cake
Make decorations and choose an outfit for the birthday girl
Plan the whole party!
Sing at the party

Who is your favorite Pony from my little pony generation 4?

Um I don't know, Apple Bloom?
Sweetie belle
Pinkie pie
Sweetie belle or rarity