What Just Add Water Character are You most Like

What Just Add Water Character are You most Like

Figure out what character you are from the youtube series Just Add Water.

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If you are in a tough situation, what do you do?

If you are in a tough situation, what do you do?
Run and hide
Smack it across the face
Try to solve it with manipulation
Walk away cause you don't give a crap
Try to work it out calm and rationally

Your at a party and you see your crush. You ask them out and they turn you down, what do you do.

Punch them in the gut, face, stomach, etc..
Fake cry and hurt their feelings.
Say something like, "Your missing out on an amazing opportunity"
Walk away cause you don't really care.
Give look at them like their crazy

If you could have any power, what would it be.

All of them
Weather Control
Charming (make them do what you want without them realizing)
Telepathy (so you can scare the heck out of people)

You try to get Justin Bieber concert tickets but you don't get them. What do you do.

You hate Justin Bieber so you don't even try.
You don't care.
Get upset at first then shake it off.
Punch a hole in the wall.
Laugh and say "Justin Bieber, his music stinks!!!"

You fall off your bike, what do you do.

Shake it off, you can handle the pain!!!
Rip it in half and curse it out.
Clench your teeth in pain then suck it up.
Get back on and try again.
Leave it in the middle of the street to get ran over cause your to lazy to get back on and don't care.

You fail Flappy Bird miserably, what do you do.

Put it down and walk away to eat Takies.
Get mad then try again
Throw the phone at the floor.
Laugh like a little kid and say, "Haha! Silly birdy." then try again.
Roll your eyes then try again.

BONUS: What is your favorite color

Don't have one, you love to many
Who has time for favorite colors when you have Takies!!