What barnyard animal are you?

What barnyard animal are you?

Find out which barnyard/farm animal you are most like by answering these questions.

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Your friends would say you are...

a bottomless pit

At recess, you can be found...

sitting on a bench watching a basketball game
Breaking a sweat playing your favorite sport
Talking with your friends
eating leftover snack

What would you most want for your birthday?

a cookie cutter set
a subscription to a magazine
a new soccer ball
a spa day set

What is your favorite school subject?

Social Studies
Language Arts

What kind of car would you want?

A sports car
a mini van
a bug
a cute convertable

What is most important to you in a guy?

Someone you can just lean back and have fun with
Good athletic skills
funny/fun to talk to
Good cooking skills

What do you like to do in your free time the most?

Bake something sweet
call up your friends and talk to them
take a nap
shoot some hoops