What kind of person are you? (2)

this one is for peaple who dont really know who they are and there friends dont care so they just wanna have fun and find out who they really are and what there personality is :)

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what would you do if you liked someone and they said they dont like you?

ignore it and smile then read a book
say cause i just do
dont say anything and just walk away
say you dont know because he wont understand your feelings
say cause you are smart and make me happy

If you failed a test and you were imbarrissed because the boy you like made a better grade than you?

smile and make a better grade the next time
ask him what did you make on your test and then show him your grade
start to cry a little and dont tell him your grade cause you think he will laugh
put your head in your arms and dont tell anyone your grade even your bestest friends
make a good grade on the next test and ask the boy you like what he made and then when he asks you what you made tell him its a seckret and giggle

what would you do if you were in music class andpeaple never heard you sing before cause you sing good and you dont know it?

try to impress peaple and make them say wow
know that you cant sing and you sing like crazy
pretened like you are singing but you are lip singing
try to hide your singing and you sound beutifull
you sing normaly and peaple dont reconize it but they love your beutifull voice

If you were told the boy you like said they love you too what would your reaction be?

smile and say where is he and start looking for your love
say OMG and run all over the place
blush and say nothing and walk away trying not to be noticed
dont do anything and walk away smiling
say oh my and blush and look for him in despare

If you friend asked what is your favorite music what would you name?

say you like classicle and jazz
say you like ANYTHING and scream JUSTIN BIEBER
say you dont really know and walk away
say why does it madder because what if she hates that music
say you like pop and some stuff they like

What kind of clothing would you wear to school?

wear a dress a bow in the hair and some cute shoes with a wedge
where a colorfull jacket some sport shorts some converse and rainbow socks
where an emo jacket somepants and regular tenieshoes
where dorky outfit and where some glasses
where you glasses a regular T-shirt some pants and converse

If you were a mermaid and had abilities like H20 just add water what would you be like?

you would be like emma be kind sometimes and have the ability to freeze things
be like zane only you are a girl and you are rich and do anything you like and your ability would be to control lightning
be like cleo and be smart but sometimes you are shy and care for others and your ability would be to control water
you would be charlotte you would be bossy but likeable sometimes and you ability would be fire
to be like bella to sing to understand anyone and your ability would be to turn water into goop and then into stone

What would be your favorite tv show?

you would say secret life of an american teenager
you would say Spongebob sqarepants
you would say idk
you would say degrassi
you would say invader zim