A Creepypasta Adventure Quiz! (Girls Only Please)

A Creepypasta Adventure Quiz! (Girls Only Please)

So, you get a story during this quiz, and choose your path! Sorta. It'll put a bit of a story, then ask something like, "What were you wearing?" Or something like that. So, hope you like it! And your results! Plus, I couldn't find a good picture for this, so I just used Kaiho/Me!

published on April 15, 2014249 responses 40 4.8★ / 5

You're walking down the path with me, coming to the house that I've told you SO much about. I'm hosting a party there. How do you feel about coming?

I don't know! A mix of everything!

You see a big dark house and you seem to be ready to go in. If you're ready, then what are you wearing?

A green shirt and green pants!
A shirt of any color and jeans!
A striped shirt and leggings!
A sweatshirt of any color and red pants!

I say, "We are finally here!" You reply...

...Yay! Let's go in!
...Oh. Okay then. Let's go!
...I'm ready to meet these creepy dudes you speak of all the time.
...I'm ready!

We walk in and see a bunch of creepy looking people. You can't even tell if they are people. I say, "That's Ben, that's Jeff, that's Laughing Jack, and that's Eyeless Jack. Yes, we have two Jacks. There are many other people, but these are the only ones that are here right now. Now, I'm gonna go manage the DJ system before Ben ruins the whole thing." You look at everyone again. Who do you want to sit by?

Eyeless Jack
Laughing Jack

After sitting with that person, they say, "Hey." You nervously say back, "Hello." You are sorta shy to sit with someone so creepy and insane looking. What do you ask this person?

So, this place is supposed to look insanely creepy, right?
I feel uncomfortable here in this place... How do you live here?
Why did Ashley even bring me here?
I see you have a lot of video games... Are they all yours?

After talking to that person a little bit, you get up and do a few things with me. Then you go back to sit down. That's how it'll end for now. Your results are coming once you submit! Hope you had fun!

I did!
See ya!
I'm ready for the results!