If you were in Warriors, you would be...

If you were in Warriors, you would be...

This will tell you what you look like, your position( Shadowclan, Windclan, rogue) and your name.

published on April 19, 201445 responses 9
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What's your family relationship like?

Awesome! We would never betray each other! Never!
Terrible! I try to stay away from them!
I don't know them.
I don't see them much.

What do you do in the morning?

Listen, just leave me ALONE!!
Oh, probably go to the pool for exercise.
Zzzzz.. Need more sleep.
Jump up right away! Go jogging!!
Go wake up others, if I'm awake, they should be to.
Gaze around and see if I can help in anything.

What clan would you like to be in?

I don't know, they seem so complicated.
Windclan!! Duh!!
I don't really want to be in a clan.
Thunderclan!! Duh!!
Riverclan!! Duh!!
Shadowclan!! Duh!!

Would you get a mate?

NO! Of corse not! why would anyone!!
No. Plain and simple.
Probably not, if I did we wouldn't be close.
Maybe, yah, probably.

Who's your favourite character in Warriors?

Russetfur! Blackstar!
I don't know.
Feathertail and Stormfur!
Onestar! Ashfoot!
Firestar! Hollyleaf!

What do you eat?

The thing that's on the table.
What ever I get for myself. But I also share with others.
Oooh! Sushi, noodles, fish!
Something rich! Like chocolate cake!
Something with a musky flavour, I dunno, like pretzels?
Oh! Something fancy!