Are you good at guessing stuff?

Yeah, umm... the title pretty much says it... but this is just for fun it's to see if you could pass on a test if you just guessed the whole time.

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What's my favorite song?

Bruises by Train
Lucky by Jason Mrazz
Stay by Rihanna
Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift
How He Loves by David Crowder

Who was the 2nd President of the USA? (no cheating)

Andrew Jackson
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
Davie Crockett

Which president caused the Trail of Tears? (no cheating)

George Wasington
Andrew Jackson
John Quincy Adams
Dr. Luther King Jr.

Who pulled the USA out of the Great Depression?

Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
Theodore Roosevelt

What movie will you hear "Humpty Dance" in?

Happy Gilmore
Step up 2 the Streets
Hannah Montana: The Movie

What is the difference between the altitude level between now & 1806?

chicken chicken chicken chicken