What Ice Cream from an Ice Cream Truck are you?

Take this quiz to figure it out! Which delicious cone matches your personality?

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A clique leader sends you an e-mail of a funny-looking girl. She has pimples littering her face, and the subject is, "Pass It On!" it is of Sarah Jenner, who is in your art class and her parents are divorced. You:

Come up with a clever idea and embarrass the leader right back.
Tell Sarah Jenner immediately! Delete the e-mail.
Change the subject line to "What should I do?" and explain the situation after sending the e-mail to two close friends.

You start itching after you get a mosquito bite the next day at school. You:

Itch the occasional, and ask your mom for advice.
Go to the nurse's office.
Ask your friend, who's mom is a doctor, what might of happened.

At recess, the best artist starts boasting to you. You:

Say something witty back, like: "Well, your the best artist, but I'm the best cook. Really, you should taste the yummy brownies i made."
Walk away from her.
Stand up to her.

Your teacher is vaguely upset because of the new boy wrecking havoc and toliet-papering the school's property. You:

Take the new boy and set them up to talk it over.
Stand up to the new boy.
Have your friends cheer them up.

The dreaded color question! (Hides behind table)

Black or anything dark
Red or silver