What does Silver think of you

What does Silver think of you

Find out if Silver loves, likes, or hates you I hope you get what you wanted :)

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Whats your fav color

Pink or red
Black or grey
White or silver

What is your fav food

Anything vegetarian
I like meat, meat, meat (even hedgehog meat yum >:) )

What do u hope for ur out come

He loves me
He likes me
He hates me and I hate him

If Silver asked you out what would be your reaction

omg omg omg YES!!
Shure it sounds like fun

Where would you like to go on that date

A picnic then we could go stargazing
A movie
A dark ally or a haunted house

If he leaned in to kiss u what would you do

Let him and enjoy it
Stop him then give hive him a quick kiss on the cheek
Slap him like crazy

Last question, would u marry him (I would)

No I just wanna b friends
Heck no he ugly (me: u cray cray)