How Your Personality Succeeds

This is a quiz to help figure out how YOUR personality can succeed in the modern world. Stop putting your personality on the shelf while you work and play. Use it to your advantage!

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Do you need discipline enforced by others in order to work properly?

No, I operate much better with self discipline
Not necessarily, I just need a little help staying on track.
Yes, I need to work with a team to know where I stand as a worker.
Yes, I need someone to assist me and keep me on track otherwise I am lost.

Do you think you would do well in the military at an average to low rank?

No, I could only see myself content with a high rank.
No, I wouldn't work well with constantly being told what to do.
Yes, I like contributing to the whole and working as a disciplined team.
Maybe, if I was doing constant routine work.

Do you often think of yourself as a working part in a machine

No! I like to be my own person when it comes to work.
No, I like to contribute but I like to be appreciated for my own work.
Yes, I like feeling like I am apart of a function that gets things done quickly and precisely.
Yes, but I like to not be compared to other workers.

Could you handle a job with constant changes in conditions that you must follow?


When you think of a dream job, what do you see?

I picture a job that is run by me.
I picture a job where I contribute but have my own work.
I picture a job where I am a part of a team that gets many tasks done.
I picture a routine job where I am trained to do a specific job.

Do you like working solo?

Yes, but I like to regroup and make sure my work is done well.
Not necessarily, but I can.

Do you find yourself flustered when left to do work solo?

I can do most work on my own, but I need guidance.
Yes, I do not like working alone.