Which celebrity are you? (4)

Which celebrity are you? (4)

The famous people who have made a difference in our community are here.

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Rat a tat and chicken fat!

Um.. I'm sorry, I speak English.
You are not able to be understood when you talk like that.
I like it.
Your weird.
You are, totes, like, weird!!! Like, seriously. You are, so, not cool.

What do people say can sometimes make you seem... mean?

Being headstrong. But they don't know how good that can be!
Never heard them! Probably stubborn.
Too honest.
Too protective and willing to make sacrifices.
Too bossy.

You see your best friend being bullied by a group of people that are usually nice to you and others in English class. You:

Go up to the people and stand up to them!
Bravely go tell the teacher. You don't feel babyish!
Say the honest truth and tell the bullies they smell like they haven't took a shower in ten thousand weeks. Drag your friend away while they are dumbfounded!
Ask them why they haven't bullied anyone in English class and push your friend away.
Go up to them and say something witty.
Roll your eyes and make up a song about them. YOU are bullying THEM! (Me: 0o) What? Taste of their own medicine! Revenge!

You don't agree with a friends idea at school when you guys are brainstorming. You offer your idea, and she doesn't like that idea. You:

Tell her that you think the idea is fabulous, and that you didn't agree with hers, but you said nothing.
List the reasons why your idea is good to persuade her to agree with you, and explain more if she doesn't.
Say that you HATED her idea. You can't keep it in!
Say that she can't stop you from asking the teacher her opinion, and that you will only remove the idea if it is bad for others.
Say "Ok, if you hate this idea we won't use it."
Roll your eyes and respond, "Whatever."

Poop, poop, and Augustas Gloop!

I know Augastas Gloop! He's from Charlie and the chocolate factory!
Seriously. Please stop.
YEAH!! Poop poop augustas gloop.
Totes, like, stupid.

Choose a color! (hides behind table)

Pink or purple

You let your hair grow long and then your best friends are sitting at the table talking about "i know! She's a fuzzy furry bunny!" When she stops short and quickly grins very phony and starts acting nice. You:

Tell them that calling you a fuzzy bunny wasn't nice.
Say that she shouldn't of said that and sit at the table with your friends from Math.
Tell your friend her punk Mohawk makes her look like an ugly beast.
Trudge away from the table. Bad friends!
Start a conversation and sit down. You don't care!
Say something sassy and make them feel stupid.

Your mom asks you to turn off the TV for dinner when a really exciting part is happening. You:

Turn the TV off and set off towards the kitchen.
Say, "One second!!!" You need to figure out what happens!
Say that honestly this TV show is better then her casserole.
Ignore her.
Pause the TV show and doubt it. Run to the Tv after you finish.
Say, "No."

Let fate decide! :)

(smiles and laughs)
Yes. Let fate...
Yes, fate.. :)...