what frozen character are you (1)

what frozen character are you (1)

Are you wondering which frozen character are you? Well then this quiz is for you! Take this quiz!

published on April 08, 201439 responses 8
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How do you feel about your family

I love them
Do any thing for them
I love my family with all my heart
My family picks on me
Well my family adopted me but I love them with all my heart
I don't really have a family but I have great friends!

How do you feel about hugs

I like warm hugs!
I am at work for most of the day but when I get home I love hugs from my family
I love hugs
Yes I love hugs
Only with my family
Ya you can say that

What is your favorite season

All of them
Can't say all are great I guess
I don't know

How do you feel about romance

Love is an open door
Romance is great!
I don't care
To busy with other things
I love my family
Romance is something special
I know a lot about romance

How do you feel about big crowds of people

More people more business
I'll rater not
That's a good way to make new friends
As long as my family is with me
I'll rater be outside
More people more food
Better way to get power faster

What would be your super power if you had one

Talk to animals
Super sales man
Read mines
Turn invisible
Super speed

How do you feel about the cold

I never mined the cold
I like to think about how warm summer is
Why can't it be warmer
The colds ok I guess
I am by the fire so I'm good
It's cold I'll tell you that

Do you like to sing about your problems

What are you talking about?
You can say that
I'll rater just let it go
No man just no
How did you know
Any thing to get power

Do you hide you feelings

No every one should know
Would it give me more power?
Conceal don't feel
I try to unless you say something mean
Not most of the time

What song do you like the most

Diamond Imagine Dragons
Hold your Hand Beatles
When I ruled the world Coldplay
Fireflies Owl City
Thrift Shop Macklemore
Run Through the Jungle Creedence Clearwater
I don't really like/know any of those songs