Aptitude Test (1)

Aptitude Test (1)

you will be tested on your ability through 5 factions to see where you belong. Goodluck. Be Brave.

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Your standing among an image of yourself she/he tells you to choose between the items below. What do you choose?

The knife
The book
The meat
Ask your reflection why? and try to find out whats going on.
The water

A vicious animal comes and trys to attack you. What do you do?

Stab the animal
throw the meat so it will run and eat it
set the bowl of water beside it and run
Look in the book for answers
Its just a simulation that mut cant hurt me

Your simmulation changes and your in your room. A group of people come in your room and try to take you. What do you do?

try to make peace with them
give them your valuables
try to fight them
try to find a way into convincing them to let you go
try to out smart them and get free
let them take you because they cant hurt you, its a simmulation

Your simmulation changes again, your in your crushs bedroom and he/she is walking toward you. They touch you in a gross way and wont stop. What do you do?

tell them its not right and they need to stop
let them do it to you
punch them and make them stop
make an agreement with them

Now your in a room and the walls start closing in on you. but you see a few nails. What do you do?

take the nails and jam the walls
let the walls close in on you
freak out and pass out
just sit there crying

Now your on the highest building in the world. a man starts running toward you trying to fight you. What do you do?

out smart him into falling off the building
fight the man till his death
make peace with the man
give the man what he wants
jump off the building because nothing can hurt you, its a simmulation

You are put to a truth test. They ask you what is your biggest secret?

dont answer
change the subject
tell them the secret