are you like Ben,Jeff,or Jack

Do you wonder if you look like jeff well here's your answer chose wisely...!!!

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Okay last one!!! Height?

I'm a shortly!!!!
Medium tall

What weapon do you like better!!!

Scaples more....clean cuts*smirks*
Knives!!!!,there @#$?&+ awesome
Games what more fun than killing someone with your he favorite game console...

What color is your hair?

Dark brown

What kind clothes do you were?

Mostly Green stuff and cute skirts!! ;)
Usually white and black >:)
Dark blues and maybe some other color once in a while. *shrugs* :3

Favorite place to be?

In domes closet!!*closes door slowly*
Alone listening to music in my room*turns up music*
In front of an X_Box one baby!!!!