are you like Ben,Jeff,or Jack

Do you wonder if you look like jeff well here's your answer chose wisely...!!!

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What kind clothes do you were?

Mostly Green stuff and cute skirts!! ;)
Usually white and black >:)
Dark blues and maybe some other color once in a while. *shrugs* :3

What color is your hair?

Dark brown

Favorite place to be?

In domes closet!!*closes door slowly*
Alone listening to music in my room*turns up music*
In front of an X_Box one baby!!!!

What weapon do you like better!!!

Scaples more....clean cuts*smirks*
Knives!!!!,there @#$?&+ awesome
Games what more fun than killing someone with your he favorite game console...

Okay last one!!! Height?

I'm a shortly!!!!
Medium tall