Which of my made-up characters are you?

Which one? I made tons of them. This quiz isn't completely accurate, just know.

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What do you wear to school?

heels and make-up and a short skirt
every single color on your outfit
pre-k clothes
tank top, shorts, and sneakers
the school uniform and glasses

At recess, you..

Flirt with all the guys. Hey, babe! (Me: :/)
Play soccer with your friends.
Be at your next class early.
Talk to your friends on the playground.
Read all recess long.

What is your favorite food?

Soda pop.

What do you usually volunteer to do?

Pet-sitting or baby-sitting!
Help at the library
help at a beauty salon
Go to the most fun place on earth (I know, I'm not volunteering to do this)
help with homework

At prom, you wear:

Whatever will attract the least amount of attention.
A little dress and ballet flats.
A white gown and heels.
A funky, colorful dress.
A bold, purple dress and big heels that will turn heads.