Are you too high maintenance?

Discover if you are a day to day diva and how to chillax a little and avoid being too high maintenance

published on April 07, 20149 responses 0

Would you ever leave the house without makeup?

No way
Yup, I like a natural look

You're crush just cracked a joke about your new outfit. You:

Get mad that is NOT okay.
Don't sweat it he was just jokin'

'Fess up: Do you usually keep your buds waiting?

Uh yes I always run late
Nah I like being on time

How long does it take it for you to get ready for school?

At least an hour?
A half an hour at most

Where do you have your nails painted?

The salon is the best way to go!
With buds at a sleepover.

Uh-Oh! There's a major zit on your chin! You:

Freak out and hide in your room!
Shrug it off everyone gets them!

A rainy day totally messes up your hair! How do you deal?

Fix it in the bathroom right away
Pull it back in a braid or a pony

Your bud suggests a summer camping trip. What do you think?

Eh not really your thing.
Awesome sounds like a blast!

You wear high heels:

All the time,I love them!
Only on special occasions.

If you pass a mirror, do you to stop and look in it?

Duh, I have a mirror face!
Sometimes but not always