Should you tell him you like him?

Find out if all the signs are pointing yes in this quiz just for you! Good luck!

published on April 07, 201440 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

When you think about your crush, the thing that you love most about him is:

Big heart
Sense of humor

how long have you been crushing

A few months
A couple weeks

Have you met any of his family members?

Yep, a few
Not yet

Do you talk to him about probs/drama together?

All the time
Not really

T or F: you spend time thinking about other boys too


Do you ever get bored when you guys are hanging out together?

Hardly ever

Does you crush know when your having a bad day?

Almost always
Only when you tell him.

Have you ever gone to the movies just the two of you?

Yup we spend solo time
Nah we are always in a group.

If he doesn't like you back will you still say buds?

Prob not
For sure

Does he tell you who he is crushing on?

No he keeps it a secret
Yep he does

When you text him it is mostly:

Flirty messages
School related