Are you Athletic or Lazy?

In this quiz, you have to be honest with yourself. Are you athletic or lazy?

published on April 06, 201434 responses 7 5.0★ / 5

It's a nice, sunny Saturday morning. You have nothing to do. You...

go for a morning jog. Then go work-out at the qym.
go back to sleep.
get up & go take a shower.

You walk into the gym. You look around. You decide to...

Go lift weights & fail miserably.
Go jog on tredmeel.
Go flirt with manager.

You're friends ask you to come see a movie with them, but you were originally going to go for a bike ride with your sibling. You...

Ditch your sibling & chill with friends!
Explain to your friends you have plans already.
Go to your room & cry about it!

You go to a student council breakfast for your school. You walk in & at one side of the table there's donuts & chocolate milk and at the other side there's yogurt & granola & OJ. You...

Dig into some nice glazed donuts!
Eat a small portion of yogurt and granola with chocolate milk, knowing everyone's watching.
Have half a cup of OJ & some granola.

Ok, last one. You get to middle school & decide to choose a sport to do. You choose...

Soccer cause that's what all of your friends are doing.
Basketball because that's your passion!
You pretend to be doing volleyball, but you're really sneaking off & eating junk food.