What Bible Woman are you most like?

Take this Personality Quiz. What women from the Bible are you most like?

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Your friends have been nagging you to run for class government. You run for....

Class President (Put me in control and give me a challenger!)
School Board Rep. (Public Speaking? Yeah, baby!)
Class Treasurer (Behind the scenes is more my thing!)

You're filling out your college apps. Who do you give your recommendations to?

Your coach - he loves your diehard mentality.
Your music teacher - you've always been a star performer.
Your small group leader - you're the kind of girl every leader loves: consistent and helpful.

Your friend comes to you when....

She's lonely - you're always there for her.
She needs some backup in an arguement - there's no messing with you.
She's choosing a homecoming dress - you've got a killer eye for style.

You've got issues with a friend. How do you deal with it?

Smooth it over tactfully
Face it - just take it head on
What conflict? You're never one to fight

Your friends describe you as....

The best friend ever. You're comfortable to be around.
Always put together. Your hair and your homework are always done.
The go-to person. You lead by example and make things happen.

When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Miss America with a message
Elementary school teacher
High powered lawyer

Saturday afternoon. you're chillin' at home, wearing...

Shorts and a classic t-shirt - stylish but sporty
Linen capris - casual but cute
A pretty sundress - with your toenails painted to match, of course

You'd most likely be voted....

Most Likely To Succeed
Best Marriage Material
Most Likely To Be President