My fave summer snack

During the summer a lot of people throw big parties, or camping trips, etc. And there's normally a ton of food. Take this quiz to find out which one of those foods to eat.

published on April 06, 20146 responses 0

I know it's kind of original, but what's your favorite color?

Pink! like everything I own.
Red or orange, the bright colores.
Black and white, aren't they the best.
Brown, nice and simple.

Where would you be found during your vacation.

At the pool swimming.
Hiking through the woods.
Chatting with friends by our tent.
Fishing by the lake\river\pond.

You wake up at 8:00 on a Saturday morning everyone else is still asleep, you...

Get up and make some breakfast.
Grab a book\paper and a pen and read or write in bed.
Feed the pets and make a snack.
Go back to sleep.

What is your favorite drink

Milk, white or chocolate.

You just invited your best friend over for a hang out, what are you most likely to do with him\her?

Probably go shopping.
Maybe take a walk.
Give each other makeovers.
Create a new language.

Are you shy?

No way!
Yes, a little.
Not really.
Yes, I hardly talk to anyone.

How many friends do you have?

Quite a few.

Final question, what are your grades like in school?

All A's
B's and A's
B's only.
Not very good.