whats your beach personality

Discover how you'll have fun in the sun this summer! you will find out how to have the perfect summer will this fun quiz!

published on April 06, 20147 responses 2

What kind of music is on your i pod?


Whats your favorite type of movie?


The beach is fun because

It's relaxing
It's full of guys!

Whats your go to first date outfit?

Jeans and a cute top!
A sundress!

Why would you wanna learn how to surf?

So I can impress my crush!
It looks fun!

Would you ever play beach ball or volleyball?

No, I'd rather watch.

How long does it take you to get ready?

20 minutes
1 hour

How many sports do you play?

None it would mess up my hair!
I play sports but I am not on a orginized team
More then 5