Harrtpotter Sorting hat

A Quiz to show you which Hogwarts house you are in.Don't cheat, it wont work!

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Who is your favourite Hogwarts teacher/ghost?

Albus Dumbledore
Peeves the polterguist
Severus Snape
Minevera Mcgonagal

Who is your favourite Weasley?


Who are you most scared of/dislike?

The Dursleys
Malfoy/Mrs Norris/Filch

Who would you want to find out more about?

Albus Dumbledore
Severus Snape
Rubeus Hagrid
Godric Griffindor/Ravina Ravenclaw/Salazar Slitherine/Helgda Hufflepuff

Who is your worst teacher?

Severus Snape
Delorius Umbridge
Rubeus Hagrid
Hooch/Fake Mad eye-moody/ Unsure

Who would you save from Voldermort's torture?

James and Lily Potter (Senior)
Cedric Diggory
Fred Weasley
Neviile's parents

What would worry most at Hogwarts?

Being a squib and not being able to do magic
Getting bullied for not having the latest things
Not fitting in because you are different
The teachers being mean and overloading homework

How clever are you? (be honest!)

Top at everything
Average student
My favourite parts of school are break, lunch and hometime
English,maths,geography,etc are a bit boring but i like practical things

How much of a fan are you?

Devoted! Seen all the films and read the books more than once!
Quite well written I suppose
Seen films but cant get into books (or visa versa)
I really like them

What is your favourit Harry Potter product?

HP books
HP films
HP lego
HP websites/merchandise/quizzes