do u2 take the supid test?

a SUPID quiz that just might surprize u (also remember the name whill taking the test)

published on April 06, 201423 responses 7
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what is the color of ur shirt?

why should u care
umm, it could be black, orange, yellow...

what is the color of ur hair?

i dont know i never looked at my hair before
(remains silent)

what is the clor of ur socks?

normaily white
umm, i dont have feet!!!!

what is ur last name?

(i speak french)

and finaly what was the first question i asked u?

do u want 2 take da stupid test.
do u want 2 take the stupid test.
why should i care?
it was on question #1, right?
why is there so many questions for ansers (idk)