Which Disney Character Are You Most Like? (1)

We all know Disney Characters as people we've grown up seeing. Take this quiz to find out which one you are!

published on April 05, 201443 responses 0
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Who are you in your group of friends?

The leader
The one who gives hugs
What friends....?
The brave and stupid one
The gossip guy/gal
The generous one
Hmm.... probably the adventurous one

this question is really common but I need it for test results. Favorite color?

Black. Or maybe a dark purple, or blue.
SUMMER wait whats the question
The color of human skin!

You see someone lying in the street, hungry and thirsty and tired. What do you do?

Kick them and laugh
Give em some honey
Give em a hug
Leave. None of my business.
Let them know they're blessed to be human.
Bake em some cookies and paint them a picture
Give them everything they need

Who's your favorite Disney character?

Elsa from Frozen
Dori from Finding Nemo
I hate them all!!
Any one human.
Maximus from Tangled
Bullseye from Toy Story

Who do you think you will get?

Cinderella because im kind like her
Elsa because im from Frozen
Isn't this test supposed to tell me?
Maybe an evil step sister... because they're human?
Alice from Alice in Wonderland because I enjoy a good adventure.
Sumba from Lion King because I'm a leader!