what assassin are you (1)

if your are sick you are connor... if you are stealthy you are ezio and if you are overall dominant... you are altair. :) enter this quiz... if you dare!!!

published on April 05, 201434 responses 6
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what is your favorite color

deep red...like the blood from my enemies neck
black...like the look in the eye of my dead enemy
all colors...like a rainbow... of death

you can only choose one weapon... what would you choose??

hidden blade... they will never see it coming.
throwing knives
crossbow...lets get a crowd

you are surronded by 200 soliders...what do you do?

parkour and fight my way through
straight up destroy all 200
sneak my way out without anyone noticing

you have to take out 1 person...but how??

smash his face in and leave him to dye
throwing my to the heart

how did you become an assassin

it was in my DNA ... i was born with it
take on the challenge later in my life
learn when im 18+