Should you message me?

Should you message me?

Im really bored but I like it when people message me so here you can find out whether I would like, love, hate or dislike you and whether you should message me.

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<3 hey potential more than friend...
;) hey cutie

If I told you I was ugly you would say...

I'm pretty sure you're not. I hate it when girls say that sort of stuff. Girls are all beautiful, I love them all.
Yeah you really are
No you're not! don't say that about yourself!
Sorry I only like hot girls and will only message hot girls

Are you straight?

Yes :P and im a girl
Yes and im a boy
No and im a boy
No and im a girl

will you message me?

Only if I get a good result.
Sure cutie ;)
of course! you sound really nice!
Anything for you xx
I need some more friends on qfeast and you can be one of them

will you comment?

Sure cutie ;)
will do
no way

How old are you?


Could you possibly like me (as in more than a friend)

Maybe, im a guy but id like to get to know you first
Yes ;) im a guy
Im a girl but we can be friends
Im a girl but id like to get to know you before we became friends